About Inter-action Training Ltd

Inter-action Training Ltd specialises in communication skills training and personal development.  We are a small company with 15 trainers, offering in-house training and one-to-one coaching to organisations of all types and sizes. We run specialist, tailor-made courses that focus on all aspects of communication and personal development – for leaders, managers, and individuals. We work using techniques from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Psychotherapy (including the Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor) and bring Arts into Business.

Our trainers all have a deep understanding of psychology.  We believe that developing self awareness and emotional resilience creates more effective employees, and that helping people to speak up and be more effective affects the bottom line.  We create behavioural changes in the delegates.

For this we are lucky enough to have access to many top trainers including William Ayot, Fellow of Mythodrama Associates, Poet and Playwright who has worked with leaders internationally, at the highest levels.  Juliet Grayson, a psychotherapist who is both insightful and energetic as a trainer who makes workshops ‘fun.’ Rob Mottram who is a specialist in MBTI and is experienced in Communication and Sales Trainings. Christina Shewell, Author and authority on Voice Work in Presentating and Presentations Skills Training and many others.


Maximise your impact, presentation coaching

For Leaders and people at Board Level, we have our Maximum Impact course, led by William Ayot. He also offers one to one coaching for those who want to work on presentation skills.

For those who need to develop vocal variety, volume or learn how to give presentations more interest, we have Christina Shewell, a leading voice specialist (and author of Voice Works: Art and Science in Changing Voices).

For those who need to step into their power, learn about treating others with respect, or develop their confidence we have Assertiveness for Everyone, led by Juliet Grayson.

Amongst our team of trainers and associates we have many specialists, and we run courses focusing on all the soft skills of communication, stress management, and self awareness.

Another area of particular interest and expertise is Arts Based Learning for Business with courses and seminars such as The Poetry of Leadership led by William Ayot. 

Telephone: 01291 638805
Email: juliet@interactiontraining.co.uk