Managing Performance Masterclass

Achieving results through other people is a key role of the manager. Yet so often managing the performance of others is the aspect of the job that managers and supervisors find most difficult. This one-day workshop addresses questions such as:

  • How do you get the best out of people?
  • How do you give feedback that encourages and motivates a person to change their behaviour? And avoids people feeling blamed or getting defensive?
  • How do you address those difficult human situations which can cause even able managers to ‘bury their heads in the sand’?
  • This workshop equips people with the insight and practical skills to deal with even the most complex performance issues. It also provides participants with the opportunity to rehearse difficult conversations and receive coaching on how to maximise their impact.

Simon Lawrence, specialises in how to manage the performance of others and change people’s behaviour. He has been training managers at IBM in how to manage people’s performance since 1997. Simon has introduced performance management systems and approaches in Morley Fund Management; the Transport Research Laboratory; local authorities in Birmingham, Coventry, Mansfield and South Oxfordshire; Norfolk primary care and healthcare trusts; and South London Family Housing Association.

Workshop Topics

Include how to:

  • Be clear and specific about required changes in behaviour and performance
  • Depersonalise issues to encourage people to focus on the job
  • Adopt a positive attitude which avoids blame and minimises defensiveness
  • Phrase precise questions to clarify problems and their solutions ” Motivate people to want to change their behaviour

You Will Gain:

  • Insight into ‘difficult’ behaviours and how they can encourage people to change
  • Increased ability to be clear and straight with people, yet avoid defensiveness
  • Advanced questioning and feedback skills
  • More control of their own reactions to even the most irritating behaviour
  • Skills to improve the performance of all of their team