Our Clients

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Eli Lilly: Inter-action have worked with Eli Lilly since 2003 delivering many courses including Team Time, Questioning Skills, People Follow People, Don't Take Yes for An Answer, and one to one coaching             Peugeot: Inter-action ran 20+ courses per annum from 1999 - 2005 including Powerful Techniques for Top Salespeople, Powerful Techniques for Customer Facing Staff and Power, Pressure and Peak Performance            Cambridgeshire County Council: Inter-action ran many courses: from 2002 - now: Assertiveness, Personal Effectiveness, Intro to NLP; Self Development: Projecting a Positive Image

Olivier Mythodrama: Inter-action designed and ran Assertiveness, Selling Skills and Personal Development Pesso Boyden Sessions           London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames: Inter-action designed and ran a large project for some 1500 staff called Customer First Training

PPD Learning: Inter-action runs a day on their NLP Practitioner course, and has done since 1998 until now (ongoing)             Coventry City Council: Inter-action ran many courses over many years including Assertiveness, Coaching, Facilitation, Negotiation, Customer Care and Stress Management

Government Office for the West Midlands: Inter-action ran Advanced Interpersonal Skills for Senior Managers             BUPA: Inter-action has offered Training for Bupa Counsellorrs and coaching        Priory: Inter-action has offered training for their personell in Counselling Skills

Connexions: Inter-action ran many courses including Dealing with Difficult People, Time Management and Dealing with Stress     Lewisham Council:Inter-action supported them with Coaching and Facilitation during Change Process

Capita Learning and Development: Inter-action designed and for many years we ran their Advanced Interpersonal Skills for Senior Managers course                      Bridgewater College: Inter-action designed and ran a workshop called Developing Emotional Resilience using PBSP (Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor)

The Northern School of NLP: Inter-action offered one module on a training for NLP                      Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames:Inter-action designed and ran Negotiation Skills and Presentation Skills


Where Inter-action trainers have trained

The Kings Fund,
British Airways,
IBM (UK) Ltd.,
Department of Health,
Unisys Ltd.
Standard Chartered (Hong Kong and Dubai)
Deutsche Bank,
De Beers (Diamond Trading Company)
The Halifax PLC,
Lambert Fenchurch,
J. and H. Marsh and McLennan Ltd.,
C.T. Bowring Ltd.,
Excess Insurance,
Marsh (UK) Ltd.,
Chelsea Building Society,
The Office for Public Management,
The British Medical Association,
South Oxfordshire District Council,
City of York Council,
South London Family and Housing Association,
Birmingham Multifund,
Momentum Consultants,
Pace Personal Development,
Croner Training, London University,
The Surrey Psychotherapists
Cranfield University School of Management,
The Industrial Society,
Shakespeare’s Globe Education,
National Police Training,
National Association for the Children of Alcoholics,
The Core Trust,
The Department of Trade and Industry,
The Ministry of Defence,