Maximum Impact: A Leadership Communication Masterclass

William Ayot

One Day and Two Day Programmes Available

One day Open workshop: Maximum Impact Presentation and Communication Masterclass

William also offers Maximum Impact Coaching:
one to one sessions

Tutor/Participant ratio for 2 day intensive courses = 1:6 

As Leaders, we are observed and scrutinised from the moment we arrive in the car park. We are also expected to “perform” by stakeholders. In short we are “on stage” the whole time, not just when we are in presentation mode. People notice our ‘presence’. This highly experiential programme takes these theatrical metaphors as a starting point. Employing the skills and experience of the writer, director, and actor, it shows leaders and managers how to maximise their personal impact in word and action: how to motivate, comfort, stimulate and inspire as occasion demands with complete authenticity.Communication lies at the heart of Leadership but it’s not just a matter of delivering effective messages. At its inspiring best, Leadership Communication is about becoming the message, of not only “talking the talk” and “walking the walk” but actually and consciously embodying our ideas. This is what ‘presence’ really is, and lies behind any ‘presentation’.

This programme is particularly useful for leaders and teams who are facing communications challenges such as roll-outs, change programmes, or cutbacks. It provides leaders with an array of practical skills which are proven to have a positive and lasting impact – be that in a phone call, a one-to-one, a meeting, or a road show roll-out.

Programme Topics might include:

* Marshalling our material to maximum effect
* Relaxation in body and voice
* Connecting with the audience on different levels
* Exploring authenticity and accessing our natural presence
* Consciousness of body language and “the space”.
* Tackling and overcoming doubt and self-consciousness
* Meeting and combating the “inner voices” (two day programme only)

Participants will gain:

* Greater poise and authority in communications and presentations
* A more relaxed and “centred” manner
* A convincing and authentic presence
* The capacity to self-manage anxiety and nerves
* Increased ability to engage and command an audience

Comments from Previous Participants

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