Assertiveness Without Aggression

Many people confuse being assertive with being aggressive. Actually being assertive is about being clear, direct, and respectful. In my experience almost everyone can benefit being more honest, and ‘straight’ in their communications. Many of us avoid this because we are afraid of hurting other people. Some of us find that when we think we are being direct, others find us critical. This is because the way in which we are delivering the message is crude. With practice we can learn to deliver difficult messages with consideration and respect, but without feeling we have to hold back.
By focusing on the ways of communicating that are respectful and honest, we can make our lives easier.

Assertiveness is a life skill we can all develop, and one that benefits everybody too. If you are too passive, find it hard to say ‘No’, have a tendency to take on too much, seem unable to say what you want or make requests of others, then this course will help you. If you tend towards the other end of the spectrum, and are too aggressive, get cross and irritated, or upset other people then this course will also be of benefit. The aim of this course is to support you in making behavioural changes, so you are actually doing things differently when you leave.

Through experiential learning we will explore various aspects of being assertive and discover how that can be linked to our physiology. We will also gain models for understanding, and tools to enable us to change our behaviour.

When you attend this course you will:

  • understand what assertive behaviours are.
  • learn models that enable you to understand the power balance in relationships.
  • gain tools for becoming more powerful without becoming more aggressive.
  • explore and practise different styles of communicating.
  • become aware of the beliefs that assertive people hold.
  • become aware of the effect of your physiology on your feelings.
  • gain new perspectives on problems

Juliet Grayson is an experienced trainer and facilitator. She brings warmth, a sense of fun her natural integrity and ‘heart’ and her expertise in NLP.

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