One-to-one Coaching

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What is one-to-one coaching?

A powerful means of enhancing performance, and developing self awareness. Coaching may focus on specific development needs, motivation, maximising a persons career potential, resolving interpersonal struggles, or simply be used for support during a difficult time . Effective coaching and facilitation unleashes the potential of individuals and expands people’s capacity to change and grow. It is a powerful catalyst for individual and organisational transformation.

What will I get?

The coach may be a catalyst for personal and professional development, accelerating the client’s growth, challenging and stretching the client beyond their comfort zones, and helping them to understand themselves better. Or she may be a support to guide them through transitions and changes. She will also be an objective sounding board for new ideas.

How long will I need?

Ideally people need to commit to working with a coach for 3 months to see genuine return on investment – this then continues to have an impact long after the coaching itself has been completed. A programme of 6 to 10 sessions can be carried out face to face or by telephone.

Who will benefit?

Individuals of all levels who want to get up to speed quickly with new projects, learn new skills, manage their interpersonal relationships better, or bridge a gap between their current performance and the contribution they know they can make within the organisation. Coaching is also helpful for people who want to deal with stress, re-assess their situation, or may want to look at their work and life balance. Whether they have a challenging role, are a new team member or employee, or someone who wants to ensure they are optimising their true potential within their current role, coaching will focus on closing the gap. It can be useful as a follow-up to assessments or an appraisal or for an individual who has lost momentum and needs an inspirational jump-start. the most effective use of resources.

Making Contact

For further information, to discuss your requirements, or find the best coach for you,or your staff, call Juliet Grayson on 01291 638805.