Maximum Impact

A One Day Presentation and Communication Master-class with
William Ayot

One Day Programme
Date to be arranged
For a maximum of six delegates

PRICE £550 with early booking discount-
            £650 full price

Registration 9.30am for 10.00 start. Finish by 5.30 pm

Authenticity lies at the heart of all good communication – the ability to deliver effective messages with truth, heart and natural empathy. At our best, we can inspire people with our passionate presentations, yet many of us are daunted by the very idea of public speaking. This one-day intensive introduces delegates to methods and practices which can increase our effectiveness and maximise our impact in presentations, meetings, and one-to-ones – even on the telephone.

As Managers and Leaders, we are observed and scrutinised from the moment we arrive in the car park. We are expected to “perform”. We are “on stage” or “in the spotlight”, not just when we are in presentation mode. People notice minute changes in our confidence, mood and demeanour. In difficult times this can mean the difference between success or failure, consensus or conflict.

This highly experiential programme takes such theatrical metaphors as a starting point. Employing the skills and experience of the writer, director, and performer, it shows leaders and managers how to “hit the spot” in word and action: how to motivate, comfort, stimulate and inspire as occasion demands.

This programme is particularly useful for individuals and teams who are facing communications challenges such as roll-outs, change programmes, or cutbacks. It provides leaders with an array of practical skills which are proven to have a positive and lasting impact.

William Ayot has delivered seminars, workshops, master-classes and keynotes, on leadership and communication issues for over ten years. He has worked in boardrooms and business schools around the world, coaching CEOs, Chief Executives, Senior Civil Servants and Clerics. He has written successful plays, compelling speeches, and prizewinning poems. A passionate believer in the power of the spoken word, he has read his poetry in venues from the Bank of England and the Globe Theatre, to the United Nations. William is a Fellow of the Guild of Mythodrama Practitioners.

Topics include:

* Identifying and removing personal blocks to being authentic

* Connecting with the audience on different levels

* Exploring authenticity and accessing our natural presence

* Meeting and combating the “inner voices”

* Tackling and overcoming doubt and self-consciousness

Participants will gain:

* Greater poise and authority in communications and presentations

* A more relaxed and “centred” manner

* A convincing and authentic presence

* The capacity to self-manage anxiety and nerves

* Increased ability to engage and command an audience

Please note numbers are restricted

William Ayot also leads two-day Maximum Impact Intensives for groups and organisations, and offers Maximum Impact Coaching for senior executives, nominated individuals and teams. He is available for Interactive Keynotes, Poetry Readings, and Seminars. Subjects Include: The Poetry of Leadership E-mail from The Soul: Passion and Compassion in the Workplace The Triple Bottom Line: Poetry for Profit, People and the Planet

William also offers Maximum Impact Coaching:
one to one sessions